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You may not be on a first-name basis with Atlanta's newest musical phenomenon King Jamez, but chances are you've definitely felt his presence..



    The rapidly emerging superstar on the rise is responsible for penning the soundtrack to Fortune 500 company Staples' back-to-school commercial and recently sent the internet into a frenzy with infectious music posted on YouTube.  One of his most popular videos, “Do the Shopping Cart” (which was directed by “Dancing With the Stars” television series choreographer Derek Hough), has many celebrities including Late Night television talk show host Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama imitating the song’s accompanying dance on-air in front of millions.  Making his next move his best move to date, King Jamez is now set to officially take the thrown with two much-anticipated singles: “Sex On The Beach” and “Trap God.” Both songs will be released on Jamez' independent recording label B.E.A.S.T Nation (Black Entrepreneurs Always Stand Tall).


“My next two new singles will impact the industry tremendously,” Jamez predicts. “Not only can I paint a picture with my lyrics but I also give a memorable show. Other artists will have to step it up lyrically and creatively after I take the stage.”


    Before taking over the industry with remarkable music, he was born James Kelvin Bradshaw, Jr. on a military base in Heidelberg, Germany. His father served in the United States Army and throughout early childhood, young James would relocate with family to wherever Uncle Sam stationed his dad.


“Keeping friends was hard because we moved frequently,” Jamez recalls, “so I learned to be independent at a young age.”


    He also learned about the horrors of divorce at a young age as well. His parents first separated when the baby boy was still in elementary school. In search of a better life for James and his sister, their mother moved the family from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., then later settling in Raleigh, NC.


    As a coping mechanism to deal with the constant changes going on in his life, James began writing poetry to channel his frustrations. During his middle school years, he entered several poetry competitions. His natural talents and distinct use of vocabulary and rhyme far exceeded those of his peers.


“When I write, I just let my emotions take over and guide my pen,” says Jamez.


    His love for poetry extended to music while he was still just a youngster.  Upon entering high school at W.G. Enloe High School located in Raleigh, NC James gained popularity for his distinct sound.  During his sophomore year he then again relocated to Austin, TX to pursue a basketball career at Vista Ridge High School, & then KJ realized his musical calling.


“Tupac made songs that I could relate to at the time and his music gave me this feeling that he understood my situation,” King Jamez recalls.


    Heavily influenced by the powerful delivery of Tupac Shakur and storytelling technique of one of his longtime idols Slick Rick, Jamez has managed to capture the attention of fans worldwide. His first hit single was the highly popular 2008 sensation “Do the Shopping Cart” (produced by Major Carter). He came right back that same year with follow-up single “Secrets” featuring Aquila Taylor (produced by Dre Cannonz) and released a string of hot records before leading up to his 2011 mixtape Expect the Unexpected hosted by 241 DJ's Yung Day Day.


    Most recently, his music caught the attention of advertising agency McGarry Bowen (clients include Maserati, Marriott, Chevron and J. P. Morgan) and Jamez was contracted to write the soundtrack to Staples' back-to-school commercial. Jamez also captured the interest of “Dancing With the Stars” choreographer Derek Hough. Together, they sent the internet into a whirlwind with Hough at the helm of Jamez' electrifying dance routines posted on YouTube.


    Capitalizing off the single’s success, “Do the Shopping Cart” was re-recorded by producer/songwriter  Ali Dee Theodore of DeeTown Entertainment. Theodore’s resume boasts production and songs written for Miley Cyrus, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes and Baby Cham.


“I was shocked to see them doing a dance that I created the song for,” Jamez admits. “Even though I didn't create the dance, it still made me short of breath nevertheless.”


    Jamez continues to push the envelope with two much-anticipated singles: “DFH” and “Only One.” Both will be released on Jamez' independent recording label B.E.A.S.T Nation.


“The best thing about my music is the originality, wordplay and versatility,” Jamez explains. “One record may be a hardcore street anthem and the other can range from sensual R&B to pop. There are no boundaries. I just give you all of me.”





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